Did the idea of Donald Trump in office make you put up some walls? Did BREXIT activate your separation anxiety?  Moving to Canada looks like a better option with every day that passes.

Based in Victoria, BC, but with ties nationally, Capital City Group can help put you on the right track.   We appreciate how difficult it may be for someone to move to Canada, that’s why we have taken initiative to build relationships with local translators, tour companies and lawyers that will help with every step of immigration.

Canada has what they call a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), which helps people with different nationalities gain citizenship to our beautiful country.

A province or territory can nominate you to work in Canada.  First you need to apply to that province and complete their nomination process.  Each province will look at your application based on their specific immigration needs and your genuine intention to settle there.  The PNP is a popular route for people who wish to move from temporary to permanent status, while retaining a job in Canada.

In British Columbia there are a few ways to get in via the PNP.  Standard Provincial Nominee, Express Entry, Skilled Worker Immigration, Entrepreneur Immigration, to name a few. Each category has its own requirements and application process.  Working, living and owning real estate in Canada all help boost your final score. 

Our free PDF package helps guide you through the process, and helps answer questions you may have.

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