Market Dichotomy A strange new beast Tag: Buying

The outside influence on our real estate market continues to drive us into uncommon waters in...

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Summer has gone, long live the Fall! Tag: Buying

Summer has gone, long live the Fall!

This summer has been an interesting one.  Record sale prices across the CRD have essentially driven down the amount of sales.  More people have chosen to try and ride this wave out rather than sell their house in this market.  Supply and demand takes over and prices go up.

Fools?  Well, to be a seller means you have to be a buyer as well...

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Victoria Home Sales to Slow Due To Lack of Inventory Tag: Buying

2016 was a banner year not only for REALTORS® but for home owners earning equity as well.

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How Do I Buy a House? Tag: Buying

Buying a home is not only exciting, but can be very scary if you don’t know what you’re doing. Whether you’re a first time home buyer, re-entering the market, or consider yourself seasoned in the process, there is always something to learn.

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