Tips to Help Sell Your Home

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Deciding to sell a home is big decision. Most likely there are other factors helping you make that choice. Change of careers, moving to a different city or just closer to work, upsizing to make room for a new member of the family, downsizing when all the kids have left the nest, and many others.

When you’ve made up your mind that this is the direction you want to take, getting top dollar for your investment is right near the top of the list. Some other things to consider are:

Moving Dates

Don’t forget to line up the sale with the move in of your new home. If you can’t make those dates align, you could end up homeless for a few days.


Moving house doesn’t just involve the sale and purchase. There are other costs to consider such as:

  • Legal fees for the transaction

  • Utility changes including internet, gas, hydro, etc.

  • Paying off your mortgage balance and an early discharge payments

  • Real estate commissions

  • Moving company


Pricing your home is a huge part of the deal. Every house is different and many factors come into play when pricing a home. Location, age, condition, size, etc. Just because a home in your neighbourhood sold for X amount, doesn’t mean your house is comparable. It could be worth thousands more, or less, even being right next door to each other.

If your home is overpriced, you risk no one bothering to view your home, and worse, no one making an offer. The longer a home sits on the market, the more a savvy buyer will try to come in with a lowball offer. Other agents will use your home as a measuring stick to sell a lower priced home which leaves your home still on the market. Also, banks require appraisals before giving out a mortgage, and if the home doesn’t fit into their appraisal, they won’t fund the mortgage.

When a home sits on the market longer than the average length of time, it then needs often multiple price reductions to get the attention of prospective buyers again. This often leads to a final sale price much lower than if the home were priced properly from the beginning.

This is where an experienced REALTOR® can help guide you to the right price that suits your situation.

Stay In Your Home Until It Sells

Generally, selling a vacant home is much more difficult than a home that is being lived in. People like to get a feeling about a home, and a house with nothing in it is just that: a house. When a house is vacant, the buyer will assume you have already moved to your new home, need to sell fast, and will offer less money.

Leave the Selling to the REALTORS®

When a REALTOR® brings prospective buyers to your home, don’t be there. By allowing the buyers the ability to speak freely, they feel comfortable in the home. This is true for the opposite as well. If the seller is there they feel guarded, won’t speak openly, and will get a restrictive feeling without knowing why. People feel pressure all the time in their lives, but they want to feel relaxed in what could be their new home.

Less is More

Quick Rule: If you’re not going to use it in the next 30-60 days, box it up and get it out of the way.

As much as people want to view a home, they want to be able to envision their family in it. Take down the wall of photos in the hallway, remove items from the front of the fridge, and remove any items of artwork that may offend others. Not everyone may share your tastes, and you never know what religion or ethnicity of person may find your home attractive.

Find a Good Realtor to Represent You

Selling your home is a full time job. Trying to do it yourself means that every moment you can’t answer the phone or aren’t home, your house is off the market. Hiring a professional means you get access to their marketing, education and experience.

And finally…

Clean Clean Clean

Before a buyer even walks through your front door, they have formed an opinion of your house. Keep the driveway clear of clutter and garbage and make sure the walk to the front door is landscaped and tidy.

Inside should be sparkling and free of any smells. Clean, wash, disinfect, and repair anything that needs it. It’s often helpful to have your REALTOR® walk through the home with you before the house is on the market to help give ideas of what should be done.

I hope these tips have been helpful, and allow you to get top dollar for your home. Give us a shout for a no obligation visit to tell you what your home is worth in today’s market.